October 24th, 2021

Brampton Civic health care hero to run for Horwath’s NDP

BRAMPTON — Navjit Kaur will run with Ontario’s New Democrats in Brampton West in 2022. Kaur is a Registered Respiratory Therapist working at Brampton Civic Hospital. After years of seeing hallway medicine and caring for patients suffering through painfully long waits, Kaur has spent 18 months on the frontlines of the pandemic, helping people breathe.

Kaur was acclaimed as the NDP candidate for Brampton West at a nomination meeting Oct. 23.


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath
“Navjit Kaur is a frontline hero, and she’s exactly the kind of MPP Brampton families deserve. For her, hallway medicine, understaffing and the desperate need to convert Peel Memorial into a hospital and also build a third brand new standalone hospital in Brampton are as real as it gets. That’s why her fight for better for people in Brampton is going to be powerful. I’m excited to welcome her to our powerhouse Brampton team. We’ll protect workers, not the powerful. We’ll stand up for local business, not big box stores. And we’ll invest in health care and Brampton’s kids, not cut.”

Navjit Kaur, Brampton West
“As a respiratory therapist, for years I’ve seen Brampton Civic’s severe overcrowding due to big cuts and bad choices by both Liberal and Conservative governments. Then, I saw the worst impacts of the pandemic. I have watched patients die alone. I have watched very ill people sent away by helicopter, their families never knowing if they’ll see them again. And even today, I see health care workers have to run from patient to patient, unable to keep up. Andrea and the NDP team are exactly who Brampton needs right now – to rebuild and improve education, fight for the next generation, and finally give our community the new hospital we desperately need. We can’t take any more governments that cut, so I’m ready to take my fight for Brampton from inside Brampton Civic Hospital to inside Queen’s Park.”


  • Kaur is a registered respiratory therapist who has worked at Brampton Civic Hospital for about 10 years
  • Kaur’s top priorities are investment in health care and education, making housing affordable for the next generation, and tackling the climate crisis and its impacts on people’s health
  • Born and raised in Brampton, Kaur lives in the community with her husband and growing family